BHA Scholarship Program Overview

Since 2011, the Bluegrass Hospitality Association (BHA) has awarded scholarships to students pursuing careers in the hospitality industry.  The Scholarship Program is funded by proceeds from the Hospitality Games.  Submissions are restricted to candidates from educational institutions selected annually by BHA that meet the criteria established in the application.  Scholarship amounts are determined annually by the Board of Directors.  Each year the Board of Directors will designate a Scholarship review committee to review applications and select recipients.  In the event the annual amount designated by the Board of Directors is not awarded, the balance will be reserved for distribution in future years.  

Scholarship Recipients
 2011-2012   Anthony John Marshall, University of Kentucky
 2012-2013  Kristin Noell Gibson, University of Kentucky
 2013-2014  Taylor Madison Crawley and Sarah Boyd Fuller, Transylvania University
 2014-2015  ----
 2015-2016 M. Louise Foster and Molly Kruse, Transylvania University
 2016-2017 Rebecca Rumentzas, Transylvania University
 2017-2018 Rebecca Rumentzas and Judy Nguyen, Transylvania University; Andrea Spitale, University of Kentucky