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The Bluegrass Hospitality Association (BHA) represents a diverse membership of hospitality professionals, including hotels, restaurants, breweries and distilleries, tourist attractions, and strategic partners.  If you are a stakeholder in the hospitality sector and want to positively impact the Bluegrass hospitality industry, then membership in BHA is a must! 

Our Mission: Through cooperative partnerships, the Bluegrass Hospitality Association strives to be an advocate for the hospitality industry and promotion of travel and tourism in the Bluegrass.

Bluegrass Hospitality Industry At a Glance

The Tourism and Travel industry contributed over $13 billion to Kentucky's economy in 2014. Direct expenditures by tourists accounted for over $8.3 billion of this total, an increase of 4.4 percent since 2013!  It generated nearly $1.37 billion in tax revenues for the government in 2014 with $1.19 billion to the state and nearly $176.1 million locally. It is responsible for 179,963 jobs in Kentucky in 2014 - up 4,217 from 2013.  It generated over $2.9 billion in wages to Kentucky workers - an increase of $123 million from 2013. 

Upcoming Events
Buffalo Trace Tour
March 30  | 6:00 PM
| Buffalo Trace Distillery |
| Free Registration |
| Guests Welcome |
The Trace Tour begins with a walk amidst the path of rolling bourbon barrels. You will be captivated by the alluring smell and atmosphere of bourbon sleeping inside the aging warehouses. Then you will go inside the renowned Blanton's Bottling Hall where you will see signature bourbons being filled, sealed, labeled, and packaged-all by hand. 
All tours are complimentary and include a tasting of some of our award-winning products.

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